Product comparison

Kryptel vs. Silver Key comparison

Kryptel has been designed for safe file storage, and Silver Key - for safe file transfer. Both are based on the same cryptographic components and provide the same encryption strength, but the different purposes lead to several major differences in implementation.

  Kryptel Silver Key
Modification Kryptel container can be easily modified; you can add, remove, or edit encrypted files. Silver Key parcel cannot be modified.
Decryption Kryptel is required for decryption. If you send a Kryptel file to another person, the recipient will have to install either Kryptel or free Kryptelite in order to access the data. Silver Key parcel is self-sufficient and does not require installing any additional software on the receiving end. The recipient simply double-clicks the parcel to decrypt it.
Data integrity control Kryptel does a lot to ensure user data integrity. Kryptel also includes Kryptel Data Recovery component for restoring data from corrupted containers. Silver Key can't recover corrupted data as it assumes that the sender has original data that can be re-sent. However Silver Key includes additional code to detect any possible tampering with the parcel.
Handling traces Kryptel erase sensitive data and all possible memory traces as soon as it finishes processing. Silver Key assumes that your computer is a safe place, so it does not care much about data traces in memory.
Data handled Files and folders. Files, folders, text messages, and commands. For example, a parcel may contain an encrypted message only and show it on the screen when double-clicked.

In short, use Kryptel when you need to protect files on your computer or local network; use Silver Key when you need to send confidential data elsewhere.