What our customers are saying

And a DARN good program it has been too, that's why I did not want to lose it when I changed PC's. If someone is straddling the fence send him my email I'll tell them how good it is!

David Hogan, USA

I not only downloaded Silver Key, but purchased the product at the same time. It's been working like a charm and the ability to put in a non-encrypted Description is most useful. Actually, I've tried most everything including the putting of a Shortcut Key on the Windows desktop. It's most wonderful ... a most wonderful product.

Steve Rost, USA

I am enjoying using Kryptel. It is full of good features. I am pleased you continue to update and improve the product.

Victor Cabot, USA

I use Kryptel and it is excellent!

Andrew J. Kornberg, Australia

Kryptel is the best - no doubt about that. It's more stable and the encryption have never failed, the key features are great and very secure. The "suite" appears to be complete and proff. Thanks from a grateful user!

Bent Nyborg, Denmark

I have to thank you for the great software you have presented to us PC users. I would also like to congratulate you for being able to write such a wonderful program. I am very satisfied with it.

Ziae Azami, Canada

Excellent program! Have yet to find a program as good and easy to use as Kryptel.

Z. S., USA

I love your product. Keep up the good work!

Chris Thomas, USA

Been looking for a long time for just the right kind of program to buy. I can't tell you how much I love your product. I didn't need 30 days to check it out, just 10 minutes and knew it was the one.

Cynthia, USA

Have been using Kryptel products for nearly two years I highly recommend these products to anyone who would like to secure their data. Originally purchased to protect personal records I now use Kryptel for all working files I use. The BAT file capabilities enable pass phrase encryption of my main binary key when my system is shut down. If someone gains access to my computer they will only have so many Kilograms of plastic and metal... On the occasion I have had to fiddle and make the odd mistake the technical support has been outstanding. Kryptel really have a very reliable and powerful product.

Robert, USA

There are tons of encryption softwares out there. None of them satisfied me but Kryptel. This is smart, fast, user friendly and secure. Thanks for the terrific porduct!

Yu Sung Kim from Republic of Korea