Silver Key Uploaders

Sending a Silver Key parcel as an email attachment is the simplest method, but there is a complication. Many mail servers block email attachments, especially executable attachments. Self-decrypting parcel is the most useful type of parcel, but sending it via e-mail is not always possible.

In order to solve this problem, Silver Key introduced three new right-click commands: Create and Upload to, Create EXE and Upload to, and Upload Parcel. The first two commands work exactly as corresponding Create Parcel and Create EXE Parcel. The only difference is that after encryption they transfer the just created parcel to the selected uploader program. The last command uploads an existing parcel.

Uploader is an external program that uploads a created parcel to an external server, and returns a download link, which can be inserted into an email. Silver Key includes three uploaders for most popular free Web storages - Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Uploading with right-click menu

How does uploader work

Uploaders are completely independent programs and are not a part of Silver Key. Silver Key simply assumes that any program in its Uploaders subfolder is an uploader and adds its name into the right-click uploader list. When the user selects an uploader from the list, Silver Key runs it with the name of the just created parcel as an argument. Silver Key does not interact with the uploader; it is up to the uploader how to process the parcel (uploading it somewhere seems the most logical thing to do).

Adding a custom uploader

As soon as you place a program (.exe) or a batch file (.bat) into C:\Program Files\Silver Key\Uploaders, it will immediately appear in the right-click uploader list. For example, a batch file for FTP upload may look like

rem Create a list of FTP commands
echo binary >ftp.cmd
echo put %1 >>ftp.cmd
echo quit >>ftp.cmd

rem Upload file
ftp s:ftp.cmd ftp.myserver.com

rem Cleanup
del ftp.cmd

Save this batch script as My Server.bat and copy it to C:\Program Files\Silver Key\Uploaders. The right-click uploader menu now looks as

Adding a custom uploader