Quick Start

Getting Started with Kryptel

Encrypting Files or Folders

Encrypting with Kryptel can't be easier – select files or folders you wish to secure and drag them to the Kryptel desktop icon. Or right-click them and select Encrypt.

Encrypting from Explorer's right-click menu

If you want the encrypted files to be stored in another folder, right-click them, and while holding the right mouse button down, drag the files to the destination folder. Release the right button and select the Encrypt Here command.

Encrypting and storing in another folder

We have encrypted two files and you can see the result on the screenshot below:

The files are now encrypted

The encrypted files are shown now with the lock icon. Those files are Kryptel containers, which contain the original files. You can consider Kryptel container as a some kind of an archive, that is a file that contains other files and folders. The container itself is also a file and can be copied, moved, archived, backed up, and so on.

Decrypting Your Data Back

Decrypting with Kryptel is no more complex than encrypting – simply drag an encrypted data file (it is called "container") to the Kryptel icon on the desktop, or click the right mouse button and select the Decrypt command:

Decrypting files back

If you want to place the decrypted files in a different folder, drag the encrypted files to the other folder while holding the right mouse button down, and select the Decrypt Here command from the right-click menu as shown on the screenshot below:

Decrypting to a different folder

Adding Files to an Existing Container

Instead of creating a new encrypted file you can add data to an existing container. The easiest way of doing that is to use the standard drag-and-drop technique:

Adding files to an existing container

So What Next?

You know now how to encrypt and decrypt your files, but you can do much more than that! Check Kryptel Browser Quick How-To to get more insights.