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Integration with Total Commander

All Kryptel editions, including free Kryptelite, fully integrates with Total Commander. The Total Commander plug-in is included into all Kryptel distribution files version 6.02 and higher (except USB portable version).

Installing Kryptel Plug-in

In order to install the Kryptel plug-in, install Kryptel, and register the plug-in with Total Commander for the .edc and the .ebk extensions.

Select Configuration / Options in the Total Commander's menu bar. Select Packer and press the Configure packer extension WCXs button. Type edc in the extension field (no leading dot), press New Type and select the plug-in WCX file (which always resides in the Kryptel program folder).

Registering Total Commanders Kryptel plug-in

Press OK and repeat the above steps for the ebk extension.

Please note that if you are using 64-bit version of Total Commander, you should also use 64-bit Kryptel and 64-bit Total Commander plugin (Kryptel.wcx64). You can't integrate 32-bit Kryptel with 64-bit Total Commander or vise versa.

Using Kryptel Plug-in

In order to browse a Kryptel container in Total Commander, click the container to select it, and press Ctrl-PgDn. Note that double-clicking the container will open it in Kryptel Browser.

The plug-in supports adding, extracting, deleting, and viewing files. You can also search for a file, or for a text string. If you check the box Move files when encrypting files, then the source files will be shredded after encryption.

When creating a new container, the checkbox Also pack path names determines whether the container being created will be a standard Kryptel container, or an encrypted backup. When adding files to an existing container, that checkbox will be ignored; file paths will be stored or discarded depending on the type of the target container.


Total Commander's packer support is optimized for small unencrypted archives that can be opened fairly quickly. Every packer operation is performed as an open-process-close sequence, and sometimes even a basic operation may involve re-opening the archive several times.

This approach greatly simplifies archive handling, and ensures that the archive always remains in a valid state. However, this model is not well suited for Kryptel containers that may be very large. Opening a large container with several thousands files inside may take considerable time, and re-opening it for every simple operation will be very ineffective. So if your container is large – don't use the Total Commander plug-in, open it with Kryptel Browser instead.

Another complication is the necessity to store the user password in order to re-open the container without asking the password every time. All the passwords are securely deleted when Total Commander exits, but the existence of the password cache can still be considered as a security hole.