Quick Start

Silver Key Quick Start

What is Silver Key?

Silver Key is a program that encrypts files and/or folders, and produces encrypted parcel that can safely be sent over the Internet. Silver Key can produces several types of parcels:

  • Self-extracting (.exe) parcel is the most commonly used kind of parcel. It includes a small program, called decryptor stub, and can be executed like any Windows program.
  • Standard parcel contains encrypted data only and no decryptor stub. Decrypting it is no more complex than decrypting an executable parcel, but the recipient needs to install Silver Key (free or commercial) first. This kind of parcel contains no executable code and never gets blocked by antivirus programs.
  • Attachment parcel is a parcel, hidden in another, innocent looking file. For example, you can attach a parcel to a JPEG file, and the result will look as an ordinary viewable JPEG picture. This method helps not to attract attention to secure communication.

Creating a Parcel

Creating encrypted parcels is simple – just drag the file you wish to encrypt to the Silver Key desktop icon, or select the Create Parcel command from Explorer's right-click menu:

Encrypting from Explorer's right-click menu

If you wish to place the encrypted files in another folder, right-click the files to be encrypted, and holding the right mouse button down, drag them to the destination folder and select the Create Parcel Here command. The screenshot below illustrates this technique:

Encrypting and storing in another folder

Enter the password and your file is encrypted, packed, and ready to be sent over the Internet:

The file is now encrypted and ready to be sent

Decrypting a Parcel

There is several simple ways to restore data from a parcel: 1) Double-click the parcel you wish to decrypt, or 2) drag it to the Silver Key desktop icon, or 3) right-click it and select Decrypt Parcel.

Decrypting a hidden parcel

The screenshot above illustrates a more advanced technique. The file cat.jpg contains a hidden parcel inside. It looks like an ordinary picture and if you double-click it, you will see a picture of cat. However Silver Key recognize it as a parcel and shows the Decrypt Parcel command in the right-click menu.