Compatibility between Silver Key versions

Silver Key 5 introduced a new parcel format – more secure and tamper-proof, offering a lot of new features.

There is a drawback, though: older Silver Key versions don't know anything about this cool new format. If you try to decrypt a version 5 parcel with an older Silver Key version, you will see this message box:

Compatibility error message

This message means that the installed Silver Key version can't recognize the format of this new-style parcel, which needs a newer decryptor.

What Can Be Done Here?

There are several ways to solve this problem:


A rather obvious solution and also the best one. However if upgrading is out of the question, there are other methods.

Using self-decrypting parcels

Self-decrypting parcels contain an embedded decryptor and so have no compatibility problem. You can create self-decrypting parcel in several ways; the simplest one is the Explorer's right-click command Create EXE Parcel.

Using compatibility mode

Silver Key 5 can create old-style parcels that can be decrypted by older versions if you switch it to the compatibility mode:

Double-click Silver Key desktop icon and press 'Settings'. Select the 'Cipher' page; in the drop box 'Engine to use' select 'Silver Key 4.x compatibility' (or 3.x if the target version is really old). Press OK. Silver Key will now produce old-format files, decryptable by older versions.