Silver Key Engine

Package com.kryptel.silver_key contains the encryption engine of Silver Key encryption product. Silver Key creates encrypted parcel, which may contain files, folders, or encrypted messages (or all of these). See also Structure of Silver Key Parcel article for a detailed discussion of parcel structure and implementation.

The engine is implemented as a standard Kryptel component with component ID CID_SILVER_KEY.



Function SilverKey.IsParcel uses this structure to return information about found parcel.


The engine exports two unrelated sets of interfaces. The first one includes the two parcel creator interfaces ISilverKeyParcel and ISilverKeyStream. The second one consists of the parcel extractor interface ISilverKeyExtractor.

Various Helper Classes


Contains several parcel-related helper functions.


Creating a Parcel

Illustrates using ISilverKeyParcel and ISilverKeyStream for creating an encrypted parcel containing files and messages.

Decrypting a Parcel

This example shows how to decrypt the parcel created in the previous example.