Introduction to the Library

Library Structure

Kryptel API uses a component-based approach. All library modules except several utility classes are independent components. The library includes the following categories: ciphers, compressors, hash functions, MACs, and high-level components, specifically Silver Key engine and Kryptel storage.

Implementation Notes

The library code does not use Java 8 features. The reason for that is the necessity to keep the code Android-friendly (as Android can't use libraries compiled with JDK 1.8).

The library source codes and a ready-to-use JAR can be downloaded from the download page.

Kryptel or Silver Key

Both Kryptel and Silver Key encrypt files and provide the same level of security (as they are based on the same low-level components). The Kryptel vs. Silver Key comparison gives a quick overview of the products, how the engines differ, and what tasks they fit best. In addition we should mention another important difference for developer – Silver Key engine can create its parcels in a single pass, which means that the parcel being created may be immediately uploaded using HTTP protocol without writing it to an intermediary file.