For Developers

Kryptel for Developers

This section contains extensive documentation for those developers who want to use Kryptel or Silver Key encryption core in their projects.


Complete documentation on Java version of the encryption engine used by the commercial and the free versions of Kryptel and Silver Key.

Data Formats and Usage Notes

Kryptel Storage Model
An introduction to Kryptel storage model, required for understanding other technical articles.
Kryptel 6 Advanced Storage
Structure of standard Kryptel 6 container.
Kryptel 7 Modifiable Storage
Structure of Kryptel 7 container.
Kryptel FIPS 140-2 Storage
Structure of FIPS 140-2 -compliant Kryptel container.
Kryptel Agents
Specifications of Kryptel File Agent and Kryptel Backup Agent.
Silver Key Parcel
Format of Silver Key parcel.
Silver Key FIPS 140-2 Parcel
Format of Silver Key FIPS 140-2 parcel.
Encrypted Stream
Encrypted stream is a basic encryption building block. This article describes how a block of source data is converted to an encrypted form.
Key File
Describes the format of Kryptel key file.
Yubikey Implementation Notes
Provides full details on how Kryptel and Silver Key work with hardware Yubikeys.