Data Recovery

Recovering data from a corrupted container

The world is not perfect, and computer storage is not an exception. Almost every computer user has experienced data loss because of faulty disk drive. In the ideal world the user simply restores data from a fresh backup; in the real one the message "file read error" often means that user's data are lost forever. With Kryptel, however, there still is some hope.

What is Kryptel Data Recovery?

Let us state clearly what Data Recovery is not: it is not a miracle tool that can magically restore your data out of nothing. What is lost is lost – if a disk sector got zeroed, nothing can be recovered from that bunch of zero bytes.

So what this Data Recovery is good for if it can't recover? Well, it can't recover data that are physically lost, but even in a heavily corrupted container there may be many files that are still intact. The corrupted area is usually small; sometimes it is just a single 512 bytes long sector. If it hits the container header or the container directory, the whole container becomes unreadable. However all the files are still there; they just can't be located and decrypted.

Starting with version 6, Kryptel can decrypt corrupted containers, fully recovering intact files, and partly – corrupted ones.

How does it work?

When Kryptel encrypts a file, it also inserts an encrypted marker describing the encrypted file. Data Recovery tool scans the container trying to locate file markers, and when it finds one, it knows where to find the associated file and how to decrypt it.

Note that only Enterprise Edition can add file markers. Files, encrypted with Kryptelite or Kryptel Standard, are not recoverable. A container may contain a mix of marked and unmarked files if they were added using different Kryptel editions (naturally, only the files added with Kryptel Enterprise can be recovered).

How to use Data Recovery?

Run the tool by selecting Start / All Programs / Kryptel / Advanced Tools / Data Recovery Specify the corrupted container to be scanned, and the folder where to save recovered files. If the container's header is also corrupted, the program will ask you to specify the cipher and the compressor. If you never changed the defaults, just click Next. Entering your password is the last step. That's all – now relax and wait, it will take a lot of time.


  • Data Recovery feature is available only in Kryptel Enterprise Edition.
  • Data Recovery is supported only for native Kryptel 6 (or later) containers. Compatibility modes (FIPS 140-2, Kryptel 5, or Kryptel 3/4) do not support recovery markers.


Data Recovery tool will not restore the following items:

  • Empty (zero-sized) files.
  • File attributes (read-only, hidden, etc.). All restored files will have 'normal' attributes.
  • File date and time. All restored files will have the current timestamp.
  • Alternate data streams.