Kryptel Browser


The selector window consists of three tabs – Windows Folders, Open Containers, and Known Containers. The first two ones are nothing special, but the last one looks more interesting. While its purpose is quite clear – to show the containers Kryptel Browser knows of, – there is a question how a container gets ‘known’. The answer is pretty obvious: a container gets known when the browser finds it.

Switch to the Windows Folders tab, select a folder or a drive, and select Edit/Scan menu command. The browser will scan the folder and its subfolders, and add all found containers to the Known Containers list.

Automatic folder scan on startup is a more advanced technique. Select Tools / Scanning Options and add your working folders to the scan list.

Selecting folder to scan automatically on startup

Now your most often used containers will always be present in the Known Containers list. Just click the container name in the list and Kryptel Browser will open it.

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