Kryptel Browser

File Operations

With Kryptel Browser you can add files to an existing container, copy them out, delete, move, create new subfolders, and so on. In short, you can do everything that you can do with ordinary files using Windows Explorer.

If you double-click, say, a Word file (or select it and press Enter), it will open in Microsoft Word, exactly as if you double-clicked it in Windows Explorer. The question which immediately comes to mind is how can Word open a file that is supposed to be encrypted? Let's see how Kryptel Browser does the trick.

When user double-clicks a file, Kryptel Browser decrypts it to a temporary directory and passes it to the associated application (in case of a .doc file it usually is MS Word). When the application exits, the browser checks if the file has been modified; if it has, the browser replaces the original file in the container with the updated copy. In the last step, the working copy of the file gets securely destroyed.

Double-clicking a file actually executes an Open/View command. If you open Kryptel Browser's Edit menu, you will see three commands in the Open/View family:

Kryptel Browser's View menu

While Open With is pretty obvious, the two other commands are worth to look closer at. At the first glance they seem to work identically, but the difference starts when there are more than one file selected.

  • Open/View decrypts all the selected files but opens only the first one. This command is most useful for pictures, which are usually viewed sequentially or as a slideshow.
  • Open/View All opens all the selected files at once, each in its associated application. Use this command when you need to work with several files in parallel.

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