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How to Secure Your Files with Kryptel in 3 Easy Steps

In today's age, technology has proved itself to be an asset of utmost power. With power, comes the means and urge to exploit it. Data essentially is the basic resource which acts as a vault. Data comprises of important information pertaining to people, their privacy, reputation and now with money and finance taking over the internet; huge financial deals take place through the internet.

When it comes to investing in data, one needs to make sure that it is being protected side by side. The stories of theft and privacy breach are quite common. With these scandals taking place on a daily basis, several users feel the need for software to take care of these matters by protecting their privacy. The Magento development company believes in this approach as well which is why it looks forward to using tools and software that offer utmost protection to the files and data.

Kryptel is one such powerful tool which has solved this malady of millions. This tool enables Windows user to encrypt a single or hundreds of folders in one go, thus providing secure file storage. Standard encryption backups and script written backups have been encrypted into Internet Explorer's right-click menu, which makes it easier to search, view and decrypt all of the data in these folders. The new editions have been enabled to run from external storage devices such as the universal serial bus (USB) and Yubikey devices.

Things go on to be even better from here, as this tool can also help recover lost data in the case of a hardware failure. Users can dabble and change the settings according to their own need. It offers an array of security features. You can use any of these 3 easy steps to secure your files:

1. How Kryptel works?

The Explorer's right-click menu or the File Manager can be used to access any file or folder. Right-clicking the necessary file opens a drop-down menu, which contains the option to encrypt that file. This gives rise to an encryption container which has the ability to store single or many files and folders.

After this step, data shredding takes place which shreds the original file without any remains. Users are provided with an option of moving the file or folder to a new location as deemed necessary by them. In this case, the data shredder again is activated to delete the copied file from its starting location. Decrypting more or less works in the same way. Users select the necessary container, marked by a lock icon. Users can access the container to select only a few files or folders, or hundreds of files to decrypt or can decrypt with the assistance of the Explorer Interface.

2. Security Levels

Users have an option of choosing a security atmosphere which caters to their personal privacy needs. Custom virtual keyboards can be made which would operate through the mouse. Kryptel has an inbuilt password coach which tutors users to generate and maintain a strong password. Keylogging software also falls flat when it comes to Kryptel. Additionally, Kryptel provides security levels for data shredding which any user can set according to their individual needs.

A low-security level can defer average hackers, but the file is shredded to the extent that it can be recovered and accessed by higher authorities such as the government. Medium security level makes it harder for the file to be accessed, further on a higher security setting takes a much longer time but usually is unnecessary except in the case of the most sensitive files.

3. Encrypting Backups

All versions of Kryptel support can generate encrypted backups that can safely be stored on DVD's, public clouds and network storages. For a single backup, users access backups via a right-click drop-down menu or Kryptel Wizard, enabling users to generate backup container which can save and then restore all original paths for decryption.

For files that need regular backing up, the Kryptel Wizard can be set by users to perform scheduled timely backups, which can be stored locally or in any of the popular storage location, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. A third option is also provided for external storage devices where users can set Kryptel to perform an "on-demand" back up where a Kryptel-enabled universal serial bus (USB) drive is inserted.

In conclusion, this tool retains your power by enabling you to defeat any external threats and be responsible for and protect your own privacy. Kryptel provides the above-boasted assistance with the motto of ‘Better safe than sorry’.

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