Knowledge Base

Encryption-related articles

This knowledge base contains articles and how-tos that will help you to get most from your Kryptel or Silver Key software and to ensure safety of your data.

General topics

Quick Intro to Encryption
Exactly what the title says: an introduction. Nothing new here for experienced users, but if you are new to encryption, this article can make the picture clearer.
Data Shredding
This article gives you some insight into data shredding – what is it and why do you need it. You will also find a few useful tips there.
About Backdoors
Explains how do Kryptel 8 and Silver Key 5 prevent inserting a backdoor into their encrypted files.

Passwords and Keys

Password Manager Primer
Simple step-by-step manual on how to set up and use Kryptel Password Manager.
Passwords and Keys
Briefly describes the supported key types: passwords, binary keys, Yubikeys, composite keys, and key groups.
How to Choose a Good Password
Choosing a quality hacking-resistant password is not as simple as it sounds, and this article may give you a few useful hints. The article contains practical recommendations, covering three most important how-tos: how to choose, how to use, and how not to lose.
Binary Keys
A short introduction into binary keys. Binary key is usually kept on a USB flash stick; you plug the stick in instead entering the password.
Secure Password Manager
Kryptel Password Manager keeps user's passwords and key in encrypted storage and supplies them when necessary via encrypted communication channel.
Enforced Keys
A more advanced technique uses Password Manager to disable encryption with unauthorized keys. This article describes how to restrict keys to an approved set.

Kryptel-related articles

Getting Started with Kryptel
Quick introduction to basic Kryptel functions for new Kryptel users.
Kryptel Browser Primer
A brief overview of Kryptel Browser's basic functions. Kryptel Browser is a powerful tool for viewing and modifying encrypted files.
Encrypted Backup
How-to on creating and scheduling encrypted backup.
Kryptel Data Recovery
How-to for recovering data from a corrupted container using Kryptel Data Recovery.
Integration with Total Commander
Describes installing and using Kryptel (Kryptelite) plug-in for Total Commander. The plug-in component allows accessing Kryptel containers and Kryptel encrypted backups directly in the Total Commander panes.

Silver Key-related articles

Silver Key Quick Start
Quick how-to for new Silver Key users.
WebSilver: A Better Way For Exchanging Files
A tool for transparent file exchange via popular Web storage services.
Silver Key Uploaders
Uploading Silver Key parcels to Web storage.
Using Certificates
Signing Silver Key parels: how to obtain and how to use digital certificates.
Compatibility with Older Versions
If you or your correspondent use an old version of Silver Key: possible issues and how to solve them.

Hardware Yubikeys

What Is Yubikey
A brief introduction. What is Yubikey and what do you get by using a hardware key.
Setting Up Your Yubikey
A guide to obtaining and setting up a new Yubikey.
Using Yubikey
Using Yubikeys for individuals and workgroups.
Managing Yubikey Lists (deprecated)
Creating and managing pre-created Yubikey lists.

Product setup and customization

Deploying Kryptel and Silver Key
Describes special installation methods, useful mainly in multi-user environment.
Default and Forced Settings
This article describes special techniques for system administrators who need to configure the software for mass deployment or server-side processing.
Creating Virtual Keyboards
Describes in detail how to create a custom virtual keyboard.
Translating to Other Languages
How to localize Kryptel or Silver Key into another language.

Third-party Articles

How to Secure Your Files with Kryptel in 3 Easy Steps
Another small primer on basic Kryptel operations.

For Developers

See Resources for Developers for a list of articles for those software developers who want to use Kryptel or Silver Key encryption engine in their projects.

See Kryptel/Java docs for a complete description of Kryptel and Silver Key Java engine.