Encryption Software

what we offer and why you need it


Kryptel is a file encryption tool designed for protection of confidential files.

Protecting sensitive data

Kryptel encrypts confidential or private files, making them impossible to access without the right password/key.

Creating secure backups

Unlike ordinary backups, Kryptel-produced backup files are encrypted and can't be accessed without knowing the right password/key. They can safely be stored anywhere, even in a public cloud storage.

Silver Key

The purpose of Silver Key is secure transfer of sensitive data over an insecure channel such as the Internet.

Silver Key encrypts user data and creates an encrypted parcel that can be safely sent over the Internet. The parcel may contain a file, a group of file and folders, or just a confidential message. The recipient double-clicks the received parcel to start decryption.

Free Software

Our products are available in several editions, including free ones. Although somewhat limited in functionality, they use the same encryption components and are fully compatible with the corresponding commercial editions.