Encryption Software

what we offer and why you need it


If you are in search of a reliable tool for secure storage and backup, try Kryptel – ultimate solution file encryption. Kryptel is a serious solution, but at the same time is easy to use and does not require any technical background – just select any number of files or folders, right-click, and choose ‘Encrypt’ – or simply drag the files to the Kryptel icon.

Kryptel backup feature lets you create encrypted backups that can be safely kept in insecure storage like a public Internet server. Even if your computer is physically destroyed, your data will remain safe a thousand miles away.

Experienced users can create more complex encryption scenarios. For example, you can easily create a script that locates and encrypts every Word file on your hard drive. The created script can then be executed at any time with just one mouse click.

Corporate users will appreciate the fully functional command line interface that can even be run as a server-side script in unattended mode.

All in all, Kryptel is well suited for both home and corporate use, and makes an excellent choice for encrypted storage and backup.

Silver Key

When you send anything over the Internet – be it a file, or an email, or an instant message – it is open to anybody who cares to look. A paper written letter at least has an envelope to protect it from a casual glance; electronic mail does not have even that.

Silver Key solves the problem of sending sensitive data through an insecure channel. It encrypts files you wish to send and creates a self-decrypting parcel, which only the recipient can open. Silver Key parcel cannot be forged and can be safely sent by any available method – attached to an email, transferred through a public file exchange server, or simply written to a CD and sent via postal mail. It does not matter whether anybody intercepted the parcel because only the rightful person can access its contents.

Silver Key is very easy to use; there is no learning curve at all. Just right-click a file and select the ‘Create Parcel’ menu command – or use the standard drag-and-drop technique. This is what most users will ever need, but if you need something more sophisticated, advanced features are here for you – decryption scenarios, batch processing, and more. And like Kryptel, Silver Key can be used as a part of automated data processing system.

Silver Key is a reliable and time-proven solution for secure data transfer and is good for any task – from sending a file occasionally, to complex file distribution service.

Free Software

We also offer free lite versions of our products. While the level of security they provide is nowhere near the level provided by their commercial counterparts, those programs may be suitable if your security requirements are not high.

Free encryption software may be a preferable solution for those users who use encryption only occasiaonally. Just go to the Download section and get your free copy, no strings attached!