Kryptel encryption software

Safe storage and backup

Silver Key

Silver Key file encryption software

Secure file transfer

Easy solutions for common security tasks

Preventing access to confidential data

Kryptel encrypts any number of files or folders and places them into a secure container.

Storing a copy of confidential data elsewhere in order to prevent physical data loss

Kryptel creates an encrypted backup that can safely be stored on a public server or a cloud.

Sending confidential data over the Internet

Silver Key encrypts data and creates encrypted parcel that can be safely sent over any insecure channel.

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Kryptel is the best - no doubt about that. It's more stable and the encryption have never failed, the key features are great and very secure. The "suite" appears to be complete and proff. Thanks from a grateful user!

Bent Nyborg, Denmark

Been looking for a long time for just the right kind of program to buy. I can't tell you how much I love your product. I didn't need 30 days to check it out, just 10 minutes and knew it was the one.

Cynthia, USA

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