Kryptel encryption software

Protect Your Data

A complete solution for file encryption and backup, Kryptel has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, and performs most operations with a single mouse click. Still, it is serious encryption software you can trust. You don't need to be a crypto expert to use military-grade encryption, you simply need to choose the right software!

Silver Key file encryption software

Secure to transfer

Silver Key solves the problem of secure communication over insecure Internet channels. In just a single click you place a file into an encrypted self-extracting parcel that can be safely sent anywhere. No additional software required on the receiving end!

Free encryption software

Encryption Freeware

We offer a range of free products for users with low demands who are not willing to pay for a full-featured commercial version. If all you need is to encrypt a few files now and then, Kryptelite or Silver Key Free Edition will do the job.

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About Us

Since 1999, we are dedicated to providing top quality encryption software for both corporate and home use. We have significant experience developing file encryption software, and we are glad to offer reliable time-proven solutions and excellent technical support.

Our Customers

Encryption Software for Windows

Inv Softworks have been developing file encryption software since 1999, and we leverage our expertise in cryptography to provide innovative solutions for both home and corporate use. Our products address a wide range of customers’ needs, from basic file encryption to automated enterprise-level data security systems.

We center our software development around ease of use and reliability. Our products are stable, reliable, and secure, have no learning curve, and require zero maintenance. They fully integrate into Windows, completely hiding the complexities of encryption. User does not need to learn new commands and operation procedures because encrypting files or folders is done the same way as copying them.

Our encryption software provide fully functional command line interface and will seamlessly fit into any existent corporate security infrastructure. Our products are compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions including latest Windows 7.

Been looking for a long time for just the right kind of program to buy. I can't tell you how much I love your product. I didn't need 30 days to check it out, just 10 minutes and knew it was the one.

Cynthia, USA

Kryptel is the best - no doubt about that. It's more stable and the encryption have never failed, the key features are great and very secure. The "suite" appears to be complete and proff. Thanks from a grateful user!

Bent Nyborg, Denmark